JBPWAVE⁴ : A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Akira The Don ft. Jordan Peterson – JBPWAVE 4: A Lofi Mix
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Because you demanded it, and I felt violently compelled to create it, I am proud to present the fourth installment of the JBPWAVE series. Please enjoy this transcendent meaningwave experience. The sort yourself out:


Mixed by Akira The Don in Don Studios LA, 2018.

Original illustration by the brilliant Aldous Massie, go check him out and tell him how amazing he is https://www.instagram.com/aldousmassie

Watch more JBPWAVE:
▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQUliLxVLcV7tP0oMdJojVKhLILZNpMJT

Akira The Don x Jordan Peterson – 12 RULES FOR LIFE: THE ALBUM is out now:
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🍯Donate: https://goo.gl/Dvr5O5
Ƀitcoin: 14JqJMYjAQDPEPEbR2hmqaedEu3imaPzCD



00:00 eternal sunshine
01:31 jinsang – feelings
03:35 Akira The Don – Perfect Blue
07:51 axion – I think I’m In Love With You
08:53 sarcastic sounds & beowulf – in my eyes
10:40 BLVK – divine (ty for 1 million plays)
12:11 Bonus Points – Sleepwalking
13:32 Jinsang –
14:30 beowulf – Nature Walk
15:44 GLIMMERXP – this sample tho fuck
16:59 CATVLYST – I C a n t D o T h i s A n y m o r e
18:32 EOM703 – Mr Rogers Joint
19:05 Fitz&Suppe – Vibin’
21:18 Friendzone – Anxious Moments
24:39 Friendzone – 8AM

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  1. His audience is between 20 and 35 – gosh – I'm not the oldest guy listening to this (31). lol! 🙂 though somehow I think his advice would work best for 14 to 21-year-olds.

  2. The first minute and a half of this hits so hard it's almost eerie. Trying not to hyperbolize, but it's like he speaks the truth of every sovereign individual alive, whether they realize it or not.

  3. everyone should work out to JBPwave for additional brain gains. Because the opposite of brain gains is brain loss and man, you don't wanna lose your brain because that would be a catastrophe and catastrophe breeds chaos, bucko!

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