J B P W A V E : A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix

J B P W A V E : A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix
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Congratulations JBP on an incredible year of helping people SORT THEMSELVES OUT. Thank you for the inspiration, and I hope you all enjoy this 45 minute mix of amazing music and mighty wisdom as much as I did making it. Now go do the self authoring program it’s dope and me and wifey are finding it hugely beneficial: https://www.selfauthoring.com

Mixed by Akira The Don in Don Studios LA, 2018.

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00:00 altitude – thinking about no one
03:15 Jinsang – Elevated
04:46 SHAG – Know The Feelin
06:18 Mounika – How Can I
08:10 Akira The Don – Be A Plumber
10:57 sweetbn_ – yo you forgot to pass the blunt
12:03potsu – holding your hand
13:14 sweetbn_ – love
14:51 altitude – lake.serne
16:17 Mounika – Hip-Hop Prayer
17:24 Dirty Uludag – cybernetic daydream
19:17 sweetbn_ – after sunset
21:17 sweetbn_ – i found you (loop)
22:07 GuMMyBeAR – Jolly Roger’s Bay Theme
23:29 Sky High – imaginary friends
24:20 inters – nostagia
26:19 jinsang – Summers Day
28:37 eery – her
30:03 Juan RIS – hawaii
30:59 saib. – A Woman
32:34 Monunika – I Think I Like You
34:16 altitude – dire.docks
35:54 LPF – The A In Brighton
38:13 Dirty Art Club – Sun Burn
40:29 sweetbn_ – i held you so close i forgot the world


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  1. Which anime is the girl on the right from? I recognise Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop on the left, but the one on the right is escaping me…

  2. i'm so f**ing proud of you Mr Don. Amazing to see you chat with the Chief Lobster in person today. You've come a long way. Thanks for taking us along, it's been an amazing year.

    Cheers my clouty friend.

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