1977, the birth of hip hop: block party with DJ Stevie Steve, Lil Rodney Cee and Lil Shotgun

@all: don’t take ‘the birth of hip hop’ to literal. Hip hop was not some kind of invention and you find threads about this subject on every hip hop forum. This tape is an example of hip hop in the very early days, before it reached a larger audiance. So enjoy the tape because most of you are hearing this sh!t for the first time :-).
More downloadable live and radio old school hip hop on: http://old-school-hiphop-tapes.blogspot.com/


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  1. i grew up near dj stevie steve & mc lil rodney c on 183rd & washington ave in the bx… they were the magnificent 7 crew back in the 70's… i was down with dj tony rome, dj ronnie ron & the paradise 3 mcs… og getdown era… salute

  2. My man is right I was there, I'm 56 yrs old a drummer , the first rap. on record was King Tim the 3rd ( personality jock ) The Fatback Band 78 I was in a rival Brooklyn band @ 18

  3. the only way to really know when this tape came out is to ask the people on it. by the way, shangri-la 12 was originally in this tape…that was released in 1978 unless the DJ had a pre-release…you can here it coming in but is missing on this copy…when it breaks back in you can hear a touch of the drums before Steve goes into apache

  4. We know there is a history of hip hop in the 1970's that can only be told today from testimonies, but I'd be interested in a chronological list of mixtapes from that era, wondering if perhaps people know of one mixtape that is the earliest recording of the cultural phenomenon that was to become hip hop.

  5. At 4:56 he calls himslef imp the dimp and drops what is nearly identical to Big Hanks second verse in Rapper's Delight "Well, I'm Imp the Dimp the ladies pimp
    The women fight for my delight"  Who is that that is rapping in 1977 calling himself what Big Hank calls himself and basically uses the same rap 2 years later?

  6. the first time I heard a b boy tape was in 1978, my man beaver from Bronx river projects played it and I thought it was some interesting shit, I never thought it would change the WORLD

  7. @ inquisitive871: hip hop as we know it was born out of jamaican reggae / dj culture, dating back to the 50's with tom the great sebastian. dj battles were sound clashes, where selecters (modern-day DJ's) operated sound systems. the competition was fierce (sir coxsone, duke reid, prince buster). the "DJ" (modern-day rappers), inspired by american R&B radio disc jockeys, rapped over popular tunes of the day. the selecters (DJ's) became producers, making original music (ska, reggae), and stars.

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