Dynamic Rockers – Breakdance – Let the Music Play (1984)

Dynamic Rockers – Breakdance – Let the Music Play 1984

Check out the Dynamic Rockers crew breakdancing to “Give Me Tonight” back in 1984. Video courtesy of Germany Sportstudio.

Song: SHANNON – Give Me Tonight [Extended Version] (1984)

The Dynamic Rockers, along with the the Rock Steady Crew were largely responsible for breakdance’s entry into the mainstream and international notoriety, yet they are often overlooked when discussing the history of Hip Hop culture.

Hailing from Queens, the Dynamic Breakers were actually a spin-off group from the larger Dynamic Rockers crew. It was the Dynamic Rockers who had the, now legendary, battle with the Rock Steady Crew in front of Lincoln Center; as well as the U.S.A. (United Skates of America) battle seen in the documentary, Style Wars. The group was formed by Eddie Ed (Osvaldo Luna).

The Dynamic Rockers’ style of b-boying incorporated gymnastics and acrobatics, as well as the traditional footwork and uprocking styles of their Bronx counterparts. It was something that (even to this day) some b-boy purists say is not “true” b-boying…but it was to be precisely this style, which had more visual appeal (particularly to the uninitiated), that would later propel the art form into the mainstream.

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  1. I was 18 when this came out.. bring back alot of good memories. I tell me kids how we went to watch beat street and all everyone was more or less dressed exactly the same.. white high tops pumps with the tongue's sticking out and shell type tracksuits lol

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