2 CHAINS – 你的男孩TT (Tizzy T) & Person : Chinese Hip Hop Mandarin Rap 广东说唱/饶舌 :

Chinese Hip Hop Mandarin Rap 广东说唱/饶舌 : 2 CHAINS – Tizzy T, Person

Song Title: 2 CHAINS
Artist: Tizzy T, Person


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  1. I'm glad this is Teochew instead of Mandarin. People in USA never really talk about that and I don't want people to forget their roots and language. Keep it alive and inspire people. Be proud.
    Also, not saying barely any people speak it but that it isn't as well known and common. ❤

  2. 求去人聲版,這首乍聽之下跟東南亞饒舌沒兩樣的東西從加入人聲那一刻,便注定要鑄錯。

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