2 Face, Show Dem Camp, Lynxxx freestyle – Westwood

Show Dem Camp, 2 Face & Lynxxx drop a hot freestyle for Westwood on 1Xtra!


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  1. Terrible btu then again two face is kinda of singer/rapper so he writes be fore he lays the track or he should written something no effort ,,,,im disappointed at all their attempts

  2. All u guyz hatin must be sick,@ first is d first guy that is 2face a rapper?Secondly did u guyz even listen 2 d lyris at all, u can't tel me dey did't rhyme wit d beat,anybody dat complain abt d guyz after 2face i guess his name is smash d person needs 2 see his doc. The person i can say i didn't rily enjoy is d last rapper, we can even judge 2face cause u nt dere may he even resisted but ask him 2 do anything u can wit d way he ended his,but still he still flow wit d beat.

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