2004 El-P and the Blue Series Continuum – High Water [Full album]

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0:00 Please Stay (Yesterday) (2:47)
2:38 Sunrise over BKLYN (10:34)
13:12 Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig (6:34)
19:46 Get Modal (5:06)
24:52 Intrigue in The House of India (6:33)
31:26 Something is Wrong (4:09)
35:35 When the Moon was Blue (ft. Harry Keys) (6:42)
42:17 Please Leave (Yesterday) (1:51)
44:09 Interview Pt. I (3:05)
47:14 Interview Pt. II (3:44)

High Water is an album by hip hop artist El-P, released on March 9, 2004 through Thirsty Ear Recordings. Made in conjunction with jazz pianist Matthew Shipp and the group for which he is artistic director, The Blue Series Continuum, the album is a striking departure from El-P’s usual style, almost completely eschewing conventional ideas of hip hop in favour of electronically-tinged jazz fusion compositions, bording on the avant-garde.

The album was created by the Blue Series Continuum improvising to original compositions by El-P, which he then manipulated and restructured. It enjoyed generally very favourable reviews from both the hip-hop and jazz worlds, as well as from more mainstream critics independent of both scenes. The album is part of an already extensive series of such collaborations (the “Blue Series” of the name) on the part of the jazz group. One track, “When the Moon Was Blue”, features vocals from El-P’s father Harry Meline, also known as Harry Keys, himself a jazz pianist.

Source: Wikipedia


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  1. EL-P has been elevating and evovling hip hop music since his first started. So to those of you who claim trap is just a "natural" evolution of hip hop music, y'all should reconsider the range of music you listen to.

  2. Run the Jewels, WEAREALLGOINGTOBURNINHELL, Cannibal Ox, Bombing the System, Labelhead of Definitive Jux, and Company Flow member. In short a great musician.

  3. this will still be beautiful and relevant in 33 years time.once that time has past…..someone else will re-descover it.then they can truly enjoy the passion that was produced here.FOR THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC.

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