2014 DMC Battle For World Supremacy Final

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2014 DMC Battle For World Supremacy Final

DMC’s Classic Head to Head DJ Battle – Vinyl Only!
IFTW (USA) V DJ Vekked (Canada)
Sunday 5th October @ Kentish Town Forum, London


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Comment (45)

  1. Same sloppy flares everyone's been doing for over 20 years now. Start with fader open, 2 clicks forward one click back, it's not that hard folks. Turntablism has regressed.

  2. Well it's decent I can't knock it. But it also shows that turntablism has not evolved AT ALL in nearly 15 years! Same old beat juggle patterns and scratches. I can only assume this entertains the noobs. But there was not ONE new technique or trick performed in either set. It just gets boring.

  3. dope battle from both…I thought Vekked took it round 1 though I did enjoy IFTW routine and cuts. Round 2 I thought Vekked took it again plus IFTW had a mishap with the needle skipping. Who were the judges and how did they score it?

  4. Haha the dude in the Serato shirt looking unimpressed with his arms crossed. I think he is just confused and wondering how sound is coming out with no laptops and how they are cuing things up without pushing buttons. Real men can still rock on real vinyl!

  5. It would be a draw match for me if IFTW succeeded his beat juggling routine. I liked the beginning but it was impossible to see the end. About the scratch routine I prefer Vekked.

  6. As much as I enjoy seeing Vekked lose, lol, I think he won this.

    Round 1 = There is absolutely no way that you could say that Vekked didn't take that.

    Round 2 = They kind of swapped approaches, but Vekked's round 2 was better than IFTW's round 1 and IFTW's round 2 was not as good as Vekked's round 1, even though it was still fucking good.

    So, I'm happy that IFTW won, but I don't agree with the decision, haha.

  7. A little skip by IFTW but with that said still really close and  nice final! IFTW just edging out the win for me. Vekked was very onpoint as usual!

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