2020 – The Herd

The Herd’s second single from their 2008 album ‘Summerland’. Possibly our best clip ever. Clip by Mike Daly.


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  1. Lookin back 2020 , mistakes I made many, …
    you had unfettered access to the facts ..

    Oh how this can apply to so many aspects of ones life and those they may reach to.
    This track came at a real positive change in Australian society, and still rings true.
    Still lookin back… .. perhaps one day confidence will be better.

  2. Unfortunately we keep empowering authoritarians, sad this song is way more relevant and clever then most songs we hear but hardly anyone has seen it.

  3. The worlds always had its fucked up side and its always had its great side too. The worlds just the world.

  4. Dude, ever hear of Vimy Ridge? Dieppe? Juno Beach? Canada had the world's third largest Navy (after the RN and the US Navy), the fifth largest Air Force (after the RAF, the USAF, the Luftwaffe and the Soviets), on D-Day the Brits and Yanks had to yell at the Canadians to stop advancing b/c they were smashing the Krauts back too fast for the US or Brits to catch up… the Canadian contribution to both World Wars was immense! But we shouldn't be arguing, we're family – C + A + NZ + UK!

  5. Man fuck abbot vote me in i wanna push Australia into a racially pure future. Get those shitcunt dolers working in a factory making clothes so we dont have everything from china and fuck loads more things. :S

  6. australia best country ever, if are ally gets into war we join em and help em cause we are fucken helpful, in 1943 we recaptured malaysia papa guin and more. we fucken sent troops over to britain to help while canada does nothing and they had an army, and britain is the only reason canada is there and all they send is puny troops while aus is further away and sent 2000 planes supplies and troops we are the nicest country out there we might be racist and shitt but we arnt the only country

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