24/7 – TRAPPIN IN JAPAN – lofi hip hop ° Phonk ° Trap Radio ° 🎧 💨 🚌

24/7 BlazeBus 420 TRAPPIN IN JAPAN Radio-
Chill visuals, PHONK, lofi hip hop, Trap, SadTrap, Cloud rap and everything wavy in between
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****SUBMISSIONS Artists/Subs/Producers ****************************
***Priority music SUBMISSIONS***; with so many submissions its easy for me to get lost in the sauce. Use this new platform if you’re down to spend less than a dollar to have us review and possibly promote ur music on the channel or a dozen of other big channels.

For all other submissions :

Hit me up on any of these platforms!
Discord chat : https://discord.gg/vgtm9Ar
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/ryan-celsius
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or email with ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject line : [email protected]

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Video Credits:
Portions of this stream are courtesy of Rambalac
Tracklists and music:

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1. No disrespect
2. No politics / religion / spam / trolls
3. No self promo

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