50 Cent ft. Chris Brown – I’m The Man

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50 Cent worked with producer Sonny Digital to record his own remix of Digital’s debut record “I’m The Man”. 50 brings his own powerful delivery to Digital’s flow and beat.


“The original “I’m the man” song came out in 2014. It’s 2016 and y’all just now catching on. I live in the future” 🐐

What has Sonny Digital said about the song?

That song was originally 100 percent all mine. I had recorded it. I make songs for myself, just for me, I wanna make a good ass song. I started working on it, it took me a couple of days to get the shit done. I had my buddy come in, his name is Josh, he played guitar for me—I had met him through a song.

So then my manager is like, ‘Yo, 50 Cent said he liked the song.’ I was like, ‘That’s what’s up.’ Boom. Couple months later, after that, 50’s coming to town. So, boom, he pulls up to Atlanta and a lot of people all in there, and I was playing beats. I had to get in a couple beats then we was chopping it up. The next day, 50 had hit my manager, said he wanted to buy ‘I’m The Man’ so I’m like, ‘Oh, shit!’

I had [‘I’m The Man’] for a year by myself, it did what it was gon’ do. Knowing he was gonna put the money behind it… There’s actually two versions. The one with Chris Brown and the one that I did. He had kept me on the hook, too.

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