50 Cent – Guess Who’s Back (FULL MIXTAPE) (2002)

50 Cent – Guess Who’s Back (FULL MIXTAPE) (2002)

1 Killa Tape(intro) 2:58 2 Rotten Apple 3:08 3 Drop (skit) 0:16 4 That’s What’s Up (G-Unit) 4:09 5 U Not Like Me 4:10 6 50 Bars 3:33 7 Life’s on the Line 3:38 8 Get out the Club 4:22 9 Be a Gentleman 2:40 10 Fuck You 3:55 11 Too Hot (Nas, Nature) 3:45 12 Who U Rep With (Nas, Bravehearts) 4:21 13 Corner Bodega 1:34 14 Ghetto Qu’ran 4:29 15 As The World Turns (Bun B) 4:20 16 Whoo Kid Freestyle G-Unit (Uncredited) 1:15 17 Stretch Armstrong Freestyle 1:19 18 Doo Wop Freestyle 2:25



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  1. The mixtape that saved 50. Em heard this and brought him in and made him who he is today. It’s nice to hear this shit cause this what’s hot, not that bullshit now lmao

  2. Grew up narrow minded but this shit open my head to more.. Fuckin classic shit right here.. My fist piece of pussy jacked this cd from me.. Love this shit

  3. Too Hot is the best song on the album. When Eminem/Dre first signed 50 I downloaded this album to see what the hype was all about and was addicted to this album. Its better then Get Rich or Die Trying IMO.

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