50 of the Best Halloween Gift Ideas for 2019 | Halloween Hip Hop Party Ideas

Halloween Gifts & Halloween Hip Hop Party

Check out all these amazing Halloween gift ideas below for 2019 and set up the best Halloween hip hop party for your buddies with these Halloween gifts online delivered to your front door.

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Halloween Decor

You’ll need some decor to make your apartment or house look ghoulish and ghostly.

Check out these Halloween creepy cloths for your room, a collection of Halloween bats hanging from the ceiling, some Halloween lanterns, a full size body skeleton and a lifesize hanging witch to give your buddies the ghoulies this Halloween.

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Halloween Beats

Are you a music producer looking for Halloween beats & sounds for your music production? Try these Halloween trap beats, snippets & samples for your Halloween music mixes. You could even throw in some Halloween dubstep.

Halloween Sounds

You wanna get some ghoulish sounds for your crib this Halloween?

Start the night off leanin’ in the right direction.

Check out these ghostly sounds…

Halloween Music

Once the scary sounds have done the job introducing your guests, creep them out further with these Halloween film scores & albums fit for Halloween horror.

Halloween Hip Hop Albums

Once the classical Hip Hop Halloween scores have freaked out your guests, you can warm them up a little with these hip hop horrorcore soundtracks courtesy of The Gravediggaz & The Geto Boys.

Now the party has warmed up and people have got their goblin cups doubled up, you can hit them with some Halloween monster music and trap beats to get the party lit.

Halloween Masks

OK, the house of horror is prepared, the music is scaring the sh** out your guests and the booze is flowing. Now, it’s time to step out in your Halloween mask & answer the front door to your first ghostly guests.

Check out these scary halloween masks from the freaky Halloween movie or sedate your mates with a Zombie impression.

Get your Michael Meyers mask, scary pig mask, scary zombie masks, decaying zombie masks and scary adult baby masks at the best prices below.

Check out the Freddy Krueger mask and gloves from A Nightmare on Elm Street below.

Not a Freddy fan? Get the best price on these Pumpkin head masks, demon masks, skeleton masks and frightening LED masks to scare your buddies to death this Halloween.

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President Masks for Halloween

Get these presidential masks / political masks for Halloween and play pranks on your hood.

Donald Trump Halloween mask, Richard Nixon mask, Boris Johson mask, Angela Merkel mask, Nicolas Sarkozy mask & the popular Kim Jong Un Halloween mask.

Halloween Clown Masks

IT… is the year of the Clowns.  Check out these Pennywise clown masks, Insano clown mask, scary clown masks, latex clown masks and LED clown masks to kick off Halloween 2019.

Sexy Halloween Outfits

OK, you’ve set up your House of Horror. Your scary looking guests are all liquored up and in the mood to party, but what is your girlfriend & her friends gonna wear to the party?

Check out these sexy Halloween outfits. Full women’s sexy belly chain dress, little red riding hood, catwoman with a whip, sexy policewoman, women’s full length skeleton costume & don’t forget the female Punisher!

Witches Costumes for Halloween

OK, not everyone wants to dress erotic for Halloween. You need clothes for your spooky witch friends too!

Here are some of the best witches hats, witches brooms, witches shoes & witches costumes for Halloween.

Halloween Gift Basket Ideas

OK, it’s not your party. You’re one of the freeloading guests at Halloween letting someone else do the hard work. But, the least you can do is show up with a gift for the hard working hosts.

Get the best deals on Halloween cookies or Halloween candy for the trick or treaters coming over and give your local ‘hood a treat.

Here are some Halloween gift basket ideas for 2019.

Halloween Gift Bags

Here’s a selection of Halloween gift bags that you can hand out to your guests.

Halloween Gift Ideas Under $50

Check out these Halloween silver goblets, wine cups and Lord of the Rings gothic goblets to hold your Halloween drinks.

Halloween Gift Ideas Under $10

Whether you are buying gift’s for your mate’s kids or need a cheap mask for yourself, check out below.

Halloween Cocktails

OK, you’re gonna have to prepare your jell-O shots & cocktails ready for the party.

Keep it simple with this eyeball cocktail. Simply stuff Spanish olives into cocktail onions and hey presto, you’ve got eyes on your drink all night. Garnish with a fake spider, fly or grenadine blood dripping down the glass.

These ‘eyeballs’ are perfect for any drink! Slip them into a classic martini, for a twist on a dirty martini. Skewer them on the edge of your bloody mary.

Click here for the cocktail recipe – spiced capsicum martini or you can click here for 25 more Halloween cocktail ideas.

eyeball cocktail

Halloween Food Gifts

Don’t forget that whilst you are enjoying your party under a warm roof, there will be homeless people out on the streets. Don’t forget to drop them a little something.

The tradition of ‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ began in 1950 in the United States, when Philadelphia schoolchildren first went door-to-door at Halloween collecting money in decorated milk cartons to help their global peers.

They raised a grand total of $17, kicking off a campaign that has since brought in millions of dollars each year to help UNICEF provide medicine, better nutrition, safe water, education, emergency relief and other support to children in more than 150 countries.

halloween box

If you live in the UK, you can give food boxes at TESCOs, nationwide.

If you live in Europe, Australia or anywhere else in the world, you can donate a food box here.

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