88-Keys – True Feelings (Official Video)

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Directed by Computer Beach Party.

“The Death of Adam” in stores now!

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Comment (34)

  1. It's amazing how underrated this dude is, death of adam is so good and no one knows about it. It's weird, I would think since Kanye backed him he'd have gotten more attention.

  2. …many older folks wish the younger would stop and listen to jazz, classical, soul, pre1980's rock, etc, and sampling and tresuring those sound enough and the knowledge of them just keeps the music alive. people gotta keep in mind its 2012,.. music will never be the way its used to be. but, you have to think of music like art. people still treasure rembrants work though hes been dead and gone for decades upon decades, what if nobody did?.. sampling is looking thru archives to find gems.

  3. Im a DJ and Producer of hiphop and drum and bass music,.. the only folks that say the things like "speakingin truth" and others say, are those who are stuck in their own era's wishing things "were like they were". these guys arent thinking about the fact that sampling music has opened the minds of all those who appreciate sample based music from hiphop to electronic to older genres and pieces of music that would otherwise be forgoten or left in our parents or grandparents record or 8track cases.

  4. "Most obnoxious sampling in history." This comment might be considered a bit harsh but when you really listen to the source material which is "Always for You" by Andrew Gold ( it can be found elsewhere on YouTube) you realize that "Always" it is a beautiful song, sensitively sung by the now deceased singer-songwriter. To have that song sped up and looped for lyrics as lame as these are is a sad commentary on what now passes for creativity. Racial sexual politics aside, this is just bad writing.

  5. Can someone tell me what album this is off, I know it says 'Death of Adam' in the box above, but I can't see it on there on iTunes or amazon… Maybe my eyes aren't working… 😛

  6. EVERY ONE PAY ATTENTION!…this kind of music is all over the indie scene, please stop waisting your money and time on the mainstream! Music that actually touches your mind and you can relate

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