88-Keys Visits Ralph Lauren in Dallas TX

88-Keys visits the ‘mecca’, Ralph Lauren store while in Dallas, TX Decon’s Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Tour.


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  1. Oops! You got me! I am so embarrassed!

    Don't flatter yourself. You are barely a blip on my radar screen. And your anger is so delicious, it's like a little snack for me between meals. It's very sad that you allow someone you never met to manipulate your emotions.

    Time well invested! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. You are an idiot.

    No one gives a shit about models. We were talking about mannequins and you started typing about models. One is a hunk of plastic, the other is a human being. Get it now?

  3. man·ne·quin (mn-kn) n.

    1. A life-size full or partial representation of the human body, used for the fitting or displaying of clothes; a dummy.

    Are you stoned or something? No one is talking about models.

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