8th Wonder – The Sugarhill Gang

Performance from Soul Train.


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  1. On this day in 1981 {May 16th} the Sugarhill Gang performed "8th Wonder" on the nationally syndicated television program, 'Soul Train'…

    Ten weeks earlier it had peaked at #15 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles chart…

    Between 1979 and 1983 the New Jersey group had seven records on the Hot Soul Singles chart, one made the Top 10, "Rapper's Delight", it peaked at #4 {for 2 weeks} on November 25th, 1979…

    Besides the above two records, their five other charted records were "Apache" {#53 in 1981}, "Showdown"* {#49 in 1981}, "The Lover in You" {#55 in 1982}, "The Word Is Out" {#71 in 1983}, and "Kick It Live from 9 to 5" b/w "The Lover in You" {#50 in 1983}…

    R.I.P. Don Cornelius {1936 – 2012}…

    * The record label for "Showdown" read 'The Furious Five Meet The Sugarhill Gang'…

  2. The Get Down real deal 70’s. 80’s and mid 90’s, 2 and a half decades! ThatSIT That was its lifeline!!! Music will never be the same and artist today and the spirit of music presses on to try to emulate that era!!!!

  3. Although they werent in the streets parks & clubs like other crews coming up. they were greatly respected by those crews for showing them the blueprint of how to make a routine into a rap record & introducing the art form to the world. Thanks Sugarhill label & recording artists (Bobby & Enjoy family too) for taking rap from the streets to wax & radio w/very high quality songs. Those were the days my friend. Peace7

  4. what' is sad is Sylvia Robbed n her son is still robbing them blind .they werent allowed to use their name for a long time .and just plain not paying them there publishing..

  5. Some I need help. there is this old school rap song I'm trying to locate. The rap group consists of men and 1 girl. In the song they each drop a verse. I cannot find this song. It has a catchy beat and I have the name of the group in the back of my mind but can't recall. I think the song was their only hit…? It came out around the mid to late eighties I think.

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