A.B. Original – ICU feat. Thelma Plum (Official Video)

Listen to the album on Spotify: https://goo.gl/iiC2NJ
Download on iTunes / Google Play: http://hyperurl.co/hmoann
CD/Vinyl: www.goldenerarecords.com.au

Directed and cut by Richard Coburn
Shot by Aaron Gully
Produced by Sarah Bond and Matt Byrne
Production Company Kojo


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Comment (46)

  1. Ive met you briggs, at laundry. Wearing a crown at a joint I called home, all good you were a gentleman and friendly… I've copped enough punches in that joint to feel comfortable there

  2. You guys are amazing. So good to see my Aboriginal Brothers and Sisters smashing out hit after hit.

    Hoping I can get the cash together to see you guys with 50. But I'd prefer to just see you guys. Will be keeping an eye out for you guys touring as the main act 🙂 [-o-]

  3. If you have to watch for police while your brother or sister or cousin are dping some suss shit. The police should be watching you. Suss af!

  4. I first heard this on triple j recently, and i din't know what to think initially, but then I listened more and more, and heard the lyrics, they come off as kinda aggressive? maybe, I guess that's the style, but the words are really powerful. I think a lot of people listen to the song and just make a judgement on the tone of voice and the music, but if you listen to the lyrics, the whole thing can change. keep doing what you're doing. Also, love the backing music thing. Awesome

  5. hits hard being a white man with indigenous blood, makes me sick when the topic comes up. the assumption from both sides. too black and white for my liking but ey, roll with the punches

  6. I bought this album. Some amazing collaborations, and I love that it's an Album that says something. First political album I've liked since Year Zero (NiN)

  7. If it wasn't for the white man 1/2 of you (pardon the pun) wouldn't be here, oops I should've chose my words more carefully but then again maybe you should play the hand "you're" dealt.

  8. what a load of racist entitled whinging. that said… good onya. you`re sure to change the world with your captivating musings. btw who`s trying to watch you? paranoid much?

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