A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – Movie Review

WERE THE DREAM WARRIORS!!! A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is the gold standard for horror sequels. Freddy is back with a vengeance and a twisted sense of humor and he gets another stab at the one that got away, Nancy Thompson.

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  1. You messed up one of the characters names Philip is the one were we see him up on the tower before Freddy makes him fall to his death will was the one in the wheelchair I've seen a lot of your reviews where you say your a big fan but at least get the characters on point dude

  2. Awesome! I just discovered your channel and I’ve been watching on auto play for the past couple days! This is my absolute favorite NOES film. Although the ventriloquist kill scared me half to death when I was a kid, this one actually turned me into a Freddy fanatic! I own every film including the Never sleep again documentary. Thanks so much for these reviews, I’ve been yelling to my iPad agreeing with you vid after vid! Oh, you should review Deadly Friend!

  3. Thos movie is so cool and the funny part of freddy is done in a way that just makes this movie super fun to watch it's the perfect balance becuse for the most part freddy is dark and serious with a slight hint of humor. Any future sequels need this formula

  4. This was my favourite Freddy movie as a kid. My old man got it for me on VHS. In terms of judging the movies on their own merits, I'd probbaly rank this above the first movie. It had all the right ingredients for what a Freddy Movie should be and they were executed perfectly. The only reason why most people (including myself) have the first movie as no.1 is due to it being the first.

  5. While I agree this is a great film, I do have some serious problems with the ending. First of all, the fact that Nancy is the first to be fooled by Freddy, and essentially walks right into her own death I think is highly disrespectful of her character. The death of Freddy isn't a fitting death at all…Holy water, and a cross?? Last time I checked Freddy wasn't a vampire. That being said, I do like that stopping Freddy had to do with disposing of his earthly remains. I just think there could have been a more interesting way to do that than just sprinkling some holy water and holding a cross in front of them…I think that's arguably lame.

  6. Hey bruh! So, as someone who has been a hardcore Freddy fan since the age of 5 (which is when I first saw Nightmare 3)…I really liked your review! Thorough and funny…also liked your Nightmare 2 review.

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