A Room Full of Dreams – lofi hip hop | chill beats | chill mix [beats to relax / study / chill]

For those late-night cravings for some chill beats and lofi hip hop music to relax your mind from a busy day, here is the video to calm those feelings.

You can enjoy these beats with your coffee, while studying, even talking with your friends in the background.

🎧Here is our Tracklist🎧

00:00 Gloomy Forest

03:21 Holding On

06:22 Birds

09:26 Rum and Regrets

12:03 Nevermore

14:33 Deep Sea Cowboy

17:20 Yesterday

20:05 Where Are My Glasses

22:40 Dear Love

25:13 Moonlight


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  1. When I'm studying, I queue up 10 of these hour long chill/lofi videos and play them at 1.5 speed. The beat really improves my focus, no joke.

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