A Serbian Film Soundtrack Remix

DJ Bassel Remix of serbian film theme song
download link!


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  1. I saw this movie yesterday, this director is absolutely fucked in the head, there's an unedited version which shows something that you only see a little bit of is beyond fucked, if you'll see it you'll know

  2. i dont know if it was your intention to change the scale midway through the track but its the only thing that i dont like ,,,i mean theres the intro mellody that is kinda messy and then the sudden low passed reese …oh and the drop sounds a bit compressed or distorted,,,it just sounds wierd maybe its the mastering

  3. Best remix I've heard so far, very creatively mixed, you actually managed to give what was essentially a loop structure and progression lol, great job man.

  4. @opalamala fyi, I didn't slow down the tempo. obviously, your musical sense is ignorant! don't judge when you have no clue what you're talking about ! lol

  5. @Staminist2010 that's what I've heard about the movie! it's so fucked up! I will watch it when I get a chance then listen to my remix! lol

  6. Nice remix dude!!! You must admit that the (original) song kick asses!!! I myself am not really a fan of electric music (i'm into rock/metal), but this one is so amazingly weird, fucked up, that only a (tone) deaf person couldn't like it!

    Have you actually seen the movie? If you haven't, dude, I can promise you this – it will shed a completely new light on this song!!! It's just as fucked up as this song!

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