A$AP Rocky freestyle – Westwood

A$AP Rocky freestyle this is how it goes down!


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  1. Triple six. Im up in this bitch fucking high as shit. Yea uh. Fuck the trinity. Uh. Fuck the fucking holy trinity. Uh. Fuck that bitch if she ain't fucking with me. She aint no boss. fucking demonic Blackdog Symphony. We Damn bois. We Damn them bois
    You do it like you had no choice.
    Damn fuck niggas. Damn them to the void. Damn all them fuck niggaaz to hell.
    I put that on my set.
    Rest in peace my young n teff. Yeah yeah yeah
    Floating with the fishes
    Fuck with my shit. Fuck with my business. We leave no witness
    Now you chillin, floating with the fishes.
    Uh uh uh. Yuh it bangs back
    Spitting fire on the track
    But bitch ill bang it back bruh and bring it right back up in a million blacked out trucks. Im pulling up to the trap. Headlights turned off. Don't believe what you heard and dont believe what you saw

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