Ableton Live Lofi Hiphop Tutorial #3 "Lost" Breakdown

Hey guys, Heres a breakdown of my track Title “Lost”. Hope you enjoy and subscribe for my next tutorial!




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  1. Liked and subbed, good stuff man 😌🔥 I do a similar style and it would mean a lot if you checked me out! 🙂 No pressure though ofcourse aha, keep it up!

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this how you're recording your piano samples?:

    Play a note with your keyboard

    Record that note with your tape recorder

    (this is where my question is) How are you getting the sound from your tape recorder to your DAW? Are you manually recording it through a mic?

    Hopefully that makes sense.

  3. Just want to echo what everyone else is saying here and firstly thank you for these tuts, they are exactly what I have been looking for and very much appreciated and secondly to say please keep them up and produce more! Really looking forward to the rest!!

  4. This is really helpful. The simplicity is a revelation. Finding direct information about how to approach arrangement, especially in more obscure styles, is very difficult. I will watch every one of these you make.

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