available to download from iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-aboriginal-criminal/id338589562 ABORIGINAL RAP ARTISTS ANTWON & YOUNG PHILLY..A LIL SOMTHIN ME & MY LIL BROTHER PUT TOGETHER,


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  1. @Cuauhtli90 Yes I came to Australia as a child. You're right that Indigenous Australians do have it alot better then other Indigenous people like my own Native American people, But even here the government still turns a blind eye to alot of Aboriginal communitys here in Australia especially in NT and SA.

  2. @Cuauhtli90 your right it was out of context, I assume you live in australia now, if so you'll find a heavy angst towards "white" people, Aboriginals in Australia are given countless opportunities and more support than any other race, unfortunately this is often abused and leads to dependency, mostly in the northern territory and western Australia, in the eastern states the Aboriginal community contribute well to society. within Australia I stand by my comment

  3. @jamierhook I think you took that out of context I was reffering to the white people who look down upon us because we are Native. In my motherland (Mexico) my indigenous people have been oppressed for over 500 years and are still used for slavery, They treat you differently if you are Native the whitter you look the better off you are. I do not think the world owes me anything & I don't have isses with white people I dissagree with oppression that's it I think you miss understood what I meant.

  4. @Cuauhtli90 "don't let the white man bring you down" don't let your own races problems bring you down, there's plenty of aboriginals who aren't low life's, who do have a job and don't have issues with white people… it's closed minded aboriginals who think the world owes them everything that give you all a bad name!

  5. I'm feeling this brother this is the best rap i've heard here in Aus. Keep it real brother keep the Native pride all the way don't let the white man bring you down. Ma xipactinemi (May you be well)

  6. whats wit da racism man!! jealous peoples these days!! u jus need to keep ur head my brother.. fuck the haterz they aint got shit on u!! [-o-] on love, one land ONE MOB!! peace bruz

  7. I will try put this in a way a white person will understand. Say i went in your house killed most the people in it raped who ever was left over and stole all the kids. Than said o yeah you go live in the shittest room so i can have the best ones.After all that I than say now you pay me taxes for living in your own home.And every time i see you walking down the hall way i give you a dirty look like you dont belong. Just have a think about it. Words from a 15 year old

  8. i fux with that i didnt know Australia had artist get at me im a mix engineer from houston maybe i can help you out get at me twitter.com/@V12Mstudios

  9. I'm African American and I have long felt a kinship with Aboriginals. I don't care if we supposedly have been apart the longest. To me it's all love.

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