aboriginal transrock – NGORUNDERI

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.in this clip, I used excerpts from the film production of the australian aborigines-first Australians. contain the content of tribal initiation, the title track is linked to the mythical figure of a god or ancestor of the tribes of Australia cosmology. NGURUDERI is a figure which, as legend says they say thunder and the screen shows that it is present. He has authority over the sun and moon, he divided the land among the clans, and established the holy rites, and gave people the tools.recorded music composed and did Maciek O-played guitar as well. yembe and tarabuce to SEBA playing and Didge blew me-jamakam


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  1. Luckily, youtube sent me this.
    world music!!
    It's the same good quality, mixed sound as "DIRTMUSIC" .
    Check out "Troubles" by them…for starters.

  2. Apparently the first batch of aboriginals landed on the north australian shores from South India (you can see the similarity in todays aborigine's physical traits and features to the people hailing from south of India and the aboriginal language is so similar to the tamil language in the way it sounds. For instance ULURU sounds very similar to the words Ullu meaning interior and URU meaning land, nation or village. Interior land). YOu can also see the smaller version of didgeridoo in interior tamilnadu and kerala used by the local tribes who visits houses in the cities and sings songs for long life, wealth and blessings.
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  3. Looking for permission to use the music for an Aboriginal Youth trying to get picked up in the A-Soccer League Internationally. Wanting to use it for a background to footage of him playing? Happy to provide credit of course. Is this a possibility? Thanks Mandi

  4. Not accurate in the disclaimer,our culture our lore states no one can speak for another,or give permission for another,and all womens ceremonies are secret business,these are FORCED showing from our Ancestors bullied by the white men to do what they are told,please tell the truth not state a falsehood! Elder Aunty Phylis

  5. Love this music. It is good to make known the bad things done by our ancestors and should learn from that. But sadly, there are a few very rich, powerful, greedy people in this world who continue to do this sort of thing and keep the majority of the population enslaved by their money. It is happening in Ecuador at this very moment! Our Mother earth nurtures us and we should respect her. Many have forgotten this but some remember and are brave enough to speak out against this rotten system.

  6. I am not ashamed nor am I proud of my skin. But My Heart is mine, it is no-one elses, my soul was given to me from this Land, from this Land I am, To this Land I hope to go. It is my heart that knows, it is my Mouth that speaks, my Ears that are eager to listen, and my Arms that reach out with the Hope of Trust, of Understanding, that I did not make war, but that I reach out in peace. My skin is just a skin, we bleed the same.

  7. aborigine lived in mother earth with harmony, only white people are aliens who came to destroy this planet ,white people doesn't know how to live without their terrible technology who poisoning nature…

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