Abstract Rude – The Solution feat. Slug & Brother Ali (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Learn how to rap like the pros

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New lp out now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/keep-feel-legacy-hip-hop-soul/id983792336
Abstract Rude ft. Slug & Brother Ali “The Solution”
Produced by Biz One
Cuts by DJ Zole

Directed & Edited by Alyson “B. Squid” Bruno of Radioactive L.A.

P & C 2015 Keep The Feel Entertainment
Abstract Rude’s 4th music video from his new lp on KTF Ent. entitled Keep The Feel: A Legacy of Hip-Hop Soul.

Visit Ab Rude at abstractrude.com


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Comment (43)

  1. Dear: Hip Hop
    We need your voice we need your strength we need your creativity to start talking about what's going on in this country right now.
    Please we need you. We all need to take a deep look at what our American President is doing right now to all of us as a people. There's not enough weed or money that can protect us from American President that has sided with American Hate Groups that are now just American Terrorists.
    I know they say political Hip Hop does not sell but that is so not true, because Hip-Hop has proven to to be the one art form that can shake the world when it stands for something. We have an American POLICE force that has decided that shooting people of color is as easy as shooting plastic ducks at a carnival, now on top we have an American President that has decided that a racist political strategy is the only way to win and we are all being eliminated one by one by one.
    WE need all artists all DJs producers MCS to say we're not going to do this anymore we are not going backwards,  we need the power of Hip-Hop to come back and protect the community and call out hate for what it is.
       E V I L
    We need the American Hip-Hop voice to start saying something about what they see from artists who never thought about saying something about what they see around them. I don't feel like going to the club I don't feel like expensive sneakers right now,
    I feel like we should take a stand against an American president that's going to get us all killed and it's going to be too late for all of us.
    Hip Hop we need you we are dying out here.
    One song one video just to say ….. This is our Country as well and we won't let Donald Trump direct us in the path of an American Civil War created by Him for power wealth and greed.
          Hip Hop We need you. ❇
      Music is the most powerful force in this world Hip Hop we need you to be the Superheroes of the people again.

  2. 'hand' lightly on.e shoulder, a whisper in your ear… April Fools my first anniversary still kicking esp. the liquid spirits ~ salute` . cheers .

     ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★ <^>_ 😐 ~

    <8=:)||0|| ; anybody wanna cook? eye'll do the dishes 😉

  3. I just took the train from Seattle to Chicago and passed through Saint Paul. I remember seeing that Graffiti wall as well as cliffs with giant Icicles hanging from them.

    I wish I could have explored the city and met all those Rhyme sayer guys. But the train wasn't gonna wait for me

  4. As if everybody's listening wrong
    It's the vision I've drawn of this impossible mission I'm on
    I ain't like the rest of the scene
    I'm not swimming in a stream of synthetic wet dreams nah
    I work hard keep everything clean
    Cause the needle still stings when the pendelum swings yes
    I'm tryna do my best I'm not the best though
    I'll do it to my death I never let go
    A student of the Revolution
    We put the salute in the solution

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