Ace & Dotty host 1Xtra's Black Panther Q & A

1Xtra DJs Ace and Dotty host their very own Q & A with the stars of Black Panther, Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Letitia Wright. Check it out.


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  1. Assaulted by colonialism….modern day Ethiopia? I think Prince Harry and Meghan are working with a small nation in the middle of the continent. Anybody can find the name? Princess Diana spotlighted the aids issue.

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  3. Woman will never be equal to men go be women stop trying to be men we are sorry being a woman sucks!! It must do, cause it's always this competing with men shit!!

  4. Another film made by self loathing Caucasians and racist jews, yet blacks take credit for it. Sorry, you might want to look at all the white faces behind all the names scrolling by in the end credits. This film would not be possible without white technology. What do blacks have to be proud of here? White races pat you on the head again. Thats all we have here.Blacks could not do this on their own. Thank a white man for creating another illusion for blacks. A fantasy that can never be. But we sure would gladly pay the tickets to send you all to "wakanda" so you could all be Kangz and Sheeeit.

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