Ace Hood freestyle – Westwood Crib Session

Ace Hood drops a hot freestyle at the Crib Session with Westwood


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  1. Y'all need to keep in mind that he actually FREESTYLES on all his FREESTYLES, so unless you a good spitter, you ain't finna always kill a freestyle. His songs are on point tho . Applaud the nigha for free styling unlike other rappers who spit writtens

  2. … "I'm a London ho" ….. THAT is why writtens vs "Freestyles" always go to written. We already know that almost EVERY "freestyler" has written their favorite lines many many times in their books, they become "Fall back" lines that you fall back on when you can't think, he couldn't think, for a WHILE

  3. And to anyone talking about "Freestyles" vs. writtens, this WHOLE GAME is based on writtens .. freestyles are for when your with your friends and when your battling, not when your trying to prove yourself on anything … "N*s on the…." for a whole fucking verse, man sucks, still mad I wasted my time on listening to the whole damn thing

  4. Yo, every Westwood listener should agree, this is weak as fuck. Posted the same idea on the Life & Times of a Faggot shit for Ace Hood too. Em (Best writtens Westwood has seen on his channel), and Dru Blue (someone who worked hard on his for Westwood) actually worked hard. This is fucking shitty. This is why Ace Hood has never been a relevant thing to us true hip-hop fans. Pull up in a what? Put him in the what? These lyrics are fucking shit, we can all fill in the "whats" without any work.

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