Aero Chord x GAWTBASS – Secret (Original Mix) [FREE]


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  1. This sounds heavenly.

    Only 166k views till now !! …
    Very very underrated , actually most underrated talent you are . It Should have been 20/30 at least till now

  2. i copyed this song to my video… then after a year Create music copyrighted it :)) if you dont belive me go to my : Pelataa true skatee #5 it has around 70views soo.. can you guys help me?

  3. Hey Aero Chord, is it OK for me that I use the first part of your song for a video of mine? It is a very awesome song and I really want to use it. Thank you

  4. 0:01 that's a cute dry preset that was totally irrelevant to the track. 0:12 such impact resonation reduces the life expectancy of the average listener's equipment, also there's that preset again. 0:26 I figure you learnt to not use proper filtering on your reverse effects from your fellow YT hugbox friends. 0:34 why is this so terribly out of tune? 0:43 why is this snare so short and so close? 0:53 "do you want to know a secret"? But where's the pythagorean contrast to this – I see no answer in your track so I'll presume you don't know what you're doing or have any basic understanding of musicological structuring. 1:04 the kick and the bass sound like they're landing in the same phase, causing clipping rather than square area loudness yet at times the bass doesn't land in line, creating uneven mudding. 1:34 are you trying to sound terribly lo-fi or to break your listeners' speakers? 1:45 why are you repeating the theme here, what purpose does it have to the meaning of the track? So far we've just heard random preset FX over a poorly programmed hip hop beat with extended envelope sub. 2:04 this repetition is neither suspending or indicative, it just tells me you're going back into more random presets. 2:56 the sequencing is better here, which tells me the first repetition of this theme is merely a few mute button presses away from this section, demonstrating your laziness. 3:13 I figure this is intended to be a perker, but why is it at the end of the track if this is a single? It sounds like you're relieving the listener for the next track rather than making this track seem more entertaining. 3:34 why the sudden fall off of the piano, this is extremely amateur. You could have least prolonged the notes towards the end and dropped to the resolve, but clearly you are too lazy to do this, also. Instead you end on a quiet discordant note. On looping the track. It's like you made it to sound better loopable rather than as a progression between tracks, serving disadvantage to this track in a mix. Did you even try?

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