Africa Hip-Hop Type Beat

Thank you to sbw and black 808 for the nice sample.


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  1. Say that shit to my face in africa
    bitch nigga ull be dead like massacre
    whoop that fucking clothes off of ya
    leave ya in a leaf since its ur only belief
    then go to our new york cities u dont even have 3
    ur shit aint shit we build ur community
    You can kill my ancestors but nothing u can do to me
    jordan u in the jordan river u can catch a 3
    the new israelites just happen to be
    no longer black and stealing property
    it aint good enough to have a monopoly
    they cry like a bitch when you lose the economy
    not to my blacks, not to my indians,
    but to the asians
    kiss they ass thats ok cuz you cauc-asians

  2. Hey how are you brother? My name is Khosi, I'm a rapper from South Africa, I was really inspired by your beat especially the parts with the Zulu it was fire🔥🔥🔥 I made a rap to it I would love to send it to you if that's alright? I'm working on an album it's nothing big but check me out man! @rickscott808

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