AJ Tracey, Big Zuu and Merky Ace with Logan Sama

AJ Tracey, Big Zuu and Merky Ace are in session, spitting bars upon bars for Logan Sama.


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  1. Been listening to a shit ton of grime since 09, how the fuck have I slept on Merky Ace this long? The guy's a techy marauder!

  2. how can aj say he 'fathered the flow fathered the style' when hes literally on a set with someone who was doing it before him. merkys been pausing at the drop for years and he got it off mik lol big set though.

  3. Run up on a lick it’s not “yo whats appenin'?”
    Gun buck to the face, thats whats appenin'
    No, me & them likke man could never be warring
    Dont be shocked if i come tru & start slappin him
    Its the return of the mack again, black AJ trench coat
    Pouch & a bag & I might cop a magnum, just to give ya girl iron WHOA
    Dun know it’s them boys that mash up the rave
    Behave cah manaman ah lock that off
    I do paintings like Gogh
    Paint mans insides and a mans top

    Merky is too cold ❄️

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