AJ Tracey – Fire In The Booth Part 2

AJ’s back in Charlie’s Booth…. with bars hotter than your mum.


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  1. [Intro]
    You get me
    AJ Tracey in the building
    You know what it is
    Charlie Sloth
    West London settings
    MTP settings
    Ladbroke Grove stand up
    Secure the Bag out now
    Go check that
    You get me
    Listen, yo, listen

    [Verse 1]
    Ladbroke Grove is where it gets tekky
    Man get touched by the mash or the (censored)
    Yeah, I'll fuck your chick on (censored) come petty
    Send that home and she won't get petty
    Send that home and she won't get cabbed, that's long
    Mashed that ting with my backpack on
    Blew out her back cos her wap's too strong
    MTP that's (censored) to the world
    You're a victim, can't handle your girl
    You're big man, don't ask what I co
    Ask what teeth did I cop for the sheen?
    Cos I picked up a ben and got a nine bar free
    These times I was out lurking with D
    Sold a couple raps and I schemed on the green
    Back then you could never vote for your beef
    I would open your bean
    Yeah, flow too mean
    That girl healthy, put her on the team
    Works out and I give her vitamin D
    She just wanna keep letting off for a G
    Back then rayjo man had beef
    Big bro said don't use that yank
    But I used the yank and it flipped on me
    I got one but I should have got (three)
    Career to lose or not, man's active
    Leave paigon boys wrapped in plastic
    Don't tell me about I never jumped
    I made your mum's and dad's wages backflip
    In the rave, threw balls at cats, no animal abuse
    Ladbroke Grove, after local youts
    Man needs Ps, eat peels and fruits
    Look, can't get twos
    Uh, you can't get no half
    Pengting rid the dick with such class
    30kg, that back is large
    Squats on, check her calf
    Me and the team, we don't need no staff
    Critical hit, no chance to revive
    Shoutout my ninja team, we too buff
    Check this, shows in Bath
    Shows in Bristol, Manchester and Derbz
    I just came back from touring down under
    Ets did outlook, Big Zuu in Prague
    I did Tokyo and Shanghai
    Too many planes, mans too fly
    South Korea, man built that vibe
    L.A. all dun kno that's my tribe
    New York, Denver, D.C
    Mandem in Greece saw youts get greasy
    I put honey down my T
    Sold my choke back, that's too squeezy
    I was in Russia with the boots on
    Spain, Lisbon Square, no crouton
    Amsterdam, there's no futon
    Paris nights my spikes Louboutin
    Uh, and I done a million things, fuck an ad-lib
    You said you always back your ting first but we jumped out and you never backed it
    Bars, them man can't back it
    Flow, them man can't back it
    Scene, them man can't back it
    Yeah, them man can't hack it
    Trust me

  2. When you're trying to sleep and listening to Aj and you have the fat guy shouting in your ear after every tune🙄🙄
    Can anyone relate? Put a like😂😂

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