Akala – 10 Years Of Akala (Full Album Stream)

Ten Years Of Akala Out Now https://lnk.to/10yearsofakala
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00:00 1) Roll Wid Us
04:07 2) Shakespeare
08:44 3) Carried Away
12:29 4) Comedy, Tragedy, History
15:58 5) Electro Livin
19:09 6) Something Inside My Head
23:03 7) Welcome to Dystopia
26:52 8) Peace
28:47 9) Yours and My Children
33:10 10) Find No Enemy
38:56 11) Fire in the Booth, Pt..1
46:41 12) Behind My Painted Smile
51:06 13) Absolute Power (2016 Mix)
56:52 14) Old Soul
1:01:25 15) Malcolm Said It
1:04:49 16) Maangamizi
1:11:30 17) The Thieves Banquet
1:18:16 18) Murder Runs the Globe
1:22:58 19) Sun Tzu
1:26:49 20) Mr. Fire in the Booth
1:30:55 21) Giants
1:35:29 22) Dat Boy Akala
1:38:23 23) 10 Years Grindin

To celebrate 10 years since the release of It’s Not Rumour Akala and Illa State will be releasing a limited edition Triple vinyl containing selected tracks from each of Akala’s 6 solo albums chosen by you – our long term supporters – on social media in late 2015.

Kingslee Daley had a lot of career options before settling on the music business. A former youth team defender for both Wimbledon and West Ham football clubs, Daley was a straight ‘A’ student, an athlete, and — at one point — manager of a restaurant, and all before turning 25. But it was as part of the British rap and grime scene that Daley would make his biggest impression. Taking the name Akala (a Buddhist term meaning immovable), Daley released his first album, It’s Not a Rumour in May of 2006. A critical success, the album won him the 2006 Mobo Award for Best Hip-Hop Artist, and scored him an opening slot on the UK leg of Christina Aguilera’s 2006 tour. That isn’t to say that the musical end was his only interest, however. As head of the label Illa State, Akala was also in the business of production, including mix tapes and videos. In 2007, Akala (It should be noted that Akala/Kingslee Daley was also the brother of Ms. Dynamite, so he probably did have a bit more knowledge than most as to how the scene worked.) released album number two, Freedon Lasso. The album was subsequently promoted by a number of live shows and touring.

Website: http://www.akalamusic.com

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Comment (40)

  1. I’m so damn thankful that this beautiful man exists. He’s an educator and philosopher that brings revolution to the meaning of this genre, the industry and the world.

  2. Who produced these beats for him? I mean usually rappers with good lyrics end up with shit beats, but for some reason every one of Akalas beats are timeless and the mixing and mastering is always so well done that they sound like they was produced yesterday. Knowing Akala he is using some kind of ancient solfeggio frequencies and somehow encoded every great composers techniques just to make a fire grime beat. Endless comments about the lyrics which we all know are on another level, but yo wtf the beats are too good to not mention

  3. Akala has blown away the whole UK Grime and Rap scene. No one comes close to him. Creative genius. Talent, style, flair, intelligence and powerful important insightful messages. He's up there as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Better than 99.9% of the US Hip Hop movement. He's untouchable. He may not be the most famous, he may not be the most known but its possible to be the greatest MC ever to take the Mic. Does ANYONE think there is anyone better? . . . . . . . I'll wait.

  4. Wow m8 Absolutely fuckin brilliant what a proper and genuine artist keep doing what ur doing ur making American( mc ) look dumb and stupid .u rap about real shit real issues not about the money or the power ur a man from the street that's never changed through money or fame. total respect Akala Scotlands best rapper yeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaa

  5. Dec 2017. Fuck where have I been, why have I never known. Feel lost and like I've missed out big time. Found this top man on fire in the booth part 4. I'm only 1year younger than this amazing artist and I'm starting to want to learn and discover. Happy day today. Not guna stop until I've told as many people about this genius.

  6. The way each song makes me think of not only the content, but the period of my life when I first heard it. This man has been a constant in my life and I am ever grateful for that.

  7. Oh my god. Akala is so good. He´s the Shakespeare of rap! You know I´m a metaler, so usually I don´t favor that music.. But a friend said you´re good and holy shit I´m just glad, that I trusted his advice! Knowledge is power my friends.

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