akala fire in the booth part 1 first half tommy gunz reaction American Reaction

akala fire in the booth part 1 first half tommy gunz reaction American Reaction


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  1. Racism was created by the rich elites to divide the poor MLK knew this that is why he was about to start the poor peoples campaign Divide and conquer tatics straight out of a book called The ART OF WAR by a 5th century military strategist called SUN TZU

  2. Yeah it's weird that the USA is so divided on racial grounds, I'm Welsh and a lot of my friends growing up were black, but I still hate most Americans regardless of skin colour.

  3. 😂 love this reaction mate…. And yes we are hearing it….😂

    That's why akala is right up there in the top 10 IMO…. It's just a shame that, like mic righteous…. The fat guys in offices keep the real rappers who could actually change people minds off the radio and it's bullshit! 🤬 makes me think that there is definitely an agenda going on! 😔

    PS akala is a pretty big thing even though he has never signed or been backed by anyone and to me that speaks volumes on just how the people really feel…. They try and say people won't want to hear it…. But clearly they do! 🤷‍♀🤗👊

  4. It's like having a fear of immigrants, if you have what you need to succeed then you wouldn't need to worry about "foreigners " that may even have an inability to speak the same language, improve yourself , don't denigrate others

  5. You are bang on about racism..it comes from fear, if you are strong enough within yourself why would you care about anyone else..just because they are supposedly "different"..

  6. If you don’t do Part 4 you will miss out.
    Watch the history at the end.

  7. Like ur vids bro! If u like akala u need to check out his fire in the booth pt.4…if unreal!! To me avelino is my fav rapper but probably the most underrated rapper in the world let alone the UK…his f64 and fire in the booth pt.3 is fire too. Keep up the good work dude 🔥

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