Akala Fire In The Booth Part 2(Reaction)

Akala Is Fire Thank You For Putting Me On To Him He’s Dope I Cant Lie. Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJOp1CqzaSg

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  1. Akala is litterally a history lesson in rap form every time! 🔥 pure fire! 🔥

    PS you had me in stitches when he kicked it up a notch! Haha 😂

  2. Right I’m from England and Americans react too a lot of fire in the booths , get on the songs he’s brought out , il list a few by akala please take time too listen… sovereign master , behind my painted smile , yeah yeah yeah , roll wid us , cold , mr fire in the booth , the fall , the journey …

    Hopefully you have a listen

  3. Wish you had done part 4 last aswell, as you see the evolution of him and his music/rap. The more english rappers you listen you will pick up on the accent and understand a lot more. 👍

  4. I'm glad I got you to give him another chance and go from part 1.
    Might have to put you onto Lowkey later on too, another UK rapper who is half Iraqi. His music got him banned in the US, banned from London during the royal wedding, raided by police and arrested as a terrorist. He has the most impressive fire in the booth out there but it's a tough one for non-UK listeners. His real music though is powerful political stuff.

    Oi, Mate! My personal life's great!
    Some of you would love me more If I rubbed that in you're face..
    Okay.. well.. Let us run down the resume and have a little chat about how Akalas living today:
    Big whip, nice yard, been all over the globe. Look how many continents I have done shows!
    Couple little company's, neat little office, everything going swell, little bit of profit..
    Built a business educating kids from the block, so far as I'm concerned you gotta be a mug to not rate him
    Own my masters, Still my own master!
    Novels and scripts on the way
    Rap is just a part of the genius in this head…and he knows it, Dickhead!
    Since I used to kick ball for West Ham
    with my bighead (he played soccer for a team called West Ham)
    Back in school days wearing hand-me downs from my sister…and gal' was still onto man…Now thats some ras charisma!
    As just a nippa, I took my first pull of rizla (cigarette paper used to roll joints) and who you think gave me that? Yeah, my bigger sister!
    So when we speak of struggle cousin it's yours, you know the same old madness, working class poor..
    Yeah, So, may have won a couple awards but I guarantee my family's just as messed up as yours!
    All the abuse and the alcoholism and drug addiction, uncles going to prison. This is working class livin' in Britain…It ain't "Great" you gotta be kiddin'!
    So please don't ever get confused by me spittin', cos' yes I said the ghetto's in our head but no I didn't mean that if you live next to a food yard that thats in your dreams – I meant believing in the madness they spout about us, is far more dangerous than putting us in council houses (government social housing in UK) So yeah I criticize but from a place of love, never, ever, because I think that I've become above.
    Every young bruv you wanna judge as a thug is me minus a little guidance and love, so I think that YOU'RE the mug!
    And why be smug when it's an actual fact: We all commit crime, simply by paying tax! Cos we didn't go and tickle the people in Iraq and ask them so politely for all the minerals we extract!
    We blew children's heads off, Set fire to backs, with a gangsta nation get down or you get clapped!
    So when you see the youth dem running around on the road with heaters, don't be surprised: they're just copying their leaders!
    Long as the wars stay in places that are brown and poor we can all pretend to be Abhorred but we applaud!
    If you go up to Knightsbridge and get violent? The police man who duppers you will probably get knighted!
    If I don't wanna fight you cuz' it ain't cos I'm frightened, I'd just rather fight with those who really think they're titans, shit..
    I ain't scared of bleeding
    I am scared of breathing another breath in this world where everything is so uneven..
    Where millions murdered in the Congo and it's barely news but if a footballers wife should buy a pair of shoes?
    I'm supposed to give a fuck apparently, I do not! The worlds a reflection of you're block and if you think a world that profits from their death and be totally cool thinks your better cos' you live here? You're a bloody fool! 
    Look around the genocidal abuse
    I swear humanity ain't nothing but a virus with shoes, then I pick my nephew up from school and I look at the youths
    and see the love that they show each other and I'm just so confused..
    Because they ain't learnt yet what is their race or religion so we're born unconditioned but we learn to play our position in the system.
    Look what that does to our recognition of self: we grow suspicion of our own intuition, listen
    "Akalas sick but he raps about racism to much" Could you imagine I gave a flying fuck? Cos' it's amazing, how many wanna claim they love this music, with no respect for the actual struggle that produced it. Did Hip-Hop not start in segregated hoods, are them hoods not still segregated?
    So it's really good! Are The first nation not still on reservations where the age of 46 is the average life expectation?
    And fellas, I wonder whether Favelas could be suddenly knocked down and replaced with something better?
    If you got sense you see fights are joined in race, class and gender are sides of the same coin! 
    So, if you really down for justice whoever the people who suffered, whoever you are, I consider you my sisters, brothers but call it what it is, like Carlin or Bill Hicks, not these patronizing left-wing little twits who ask me dumb shit on a superior tip
    and wanna act like cos I read I saw less violence as a kid!
    Don't make me an exception for your mental protection from accepting the madness in the system we are left in.
    That was the clearest thing to come of August's events (a london terror attack) All the closet bigots started speaking their minds again!
    So when a Jamaican or Asians misbehaving – of course it's because of their skin! Blonde hair kills a million people? Thats just him!
    And it's entertaining, some people are so thick but I prefer that to all of the fake grins, cos' it's the only problem people claim they wanna solve but don't actually wanna talk about how it evolved, you are told! 
    Is this country really, really yours sir?!
    What they did to brown people they did to their own poor first and originally in the States, working class whites were also enslaved, though no one talks about it today! 
    Ever since the master came with the system of privilege:
    Made the working whites the overseers, mulattos the house, put the darkest blacks in the field
    – that mind is with us still –
    Billion dollar industry's, skin cream and bleaching pills! And lets be honest, most people of my complexion to this very day still think they're better than the darker section!

  6. I started you off.on the wrong one. my thinking was that the beat and flo was better on the fourth and people would look him up and see that this man's bars has meaning behind them.

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