Akala – Freedom Lasso

Freedom Lasso by Akala from the album Freedom Lasso


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  1. @charleswberger Lolll, he can do grime…But he's Hip Hop…He's rapping at a standard pace, right up in your face…to a head bopping beat, nothing fast. He'd be shit if he was just Grime, it's all about Hip Hop. Grime's a myth, fuck it loll.

  2. @RHCPFansite Immortal Technique, Jedi mind Tricks, Copywrite, jakki da Motamouth, Weathermen, Rhyme Asylum, RA The Rugged Man, Necro, Cage and anything off of Eminem's Infinite album!

  3. i get what you mean life mc is definately good and freestyle abillities are hard to match. i haven't heard many tracks by him though but i am trying to do so. A clash between akala and life would worth a watch for sure.

  4. Nicely said stop with the this dudes better or tht, so fucking pointless when everyone has their own likes and dislikes, "I prefer Akala to 50 cent because he speaks about real issues and has a brilliant mind" a lot more objective than "akala omg fucking better than 50 cent hahahaha roflmao" etc

  5. i wanna see a battle rap!
    Akala v 50 Cent
    how awesome would that be?!
    fifty would get blazed to the fuckin ground !!
    the UK is now the no. 1 place for rap/hip-hop and with it we made Grime individuality and ingenuity !
    it amazes me and i'm 14 what's next from this man??

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