Akala's Great Reads EP14. Damming the Flood

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This is the fourteenth of Akala’s Great Reads. A weekly series of book reviews and recommendations to help promote both reading and the sharing of knowledge.

This week’s book is Damming the Flood by Peter Hallward.

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  1. Damn, Akala, I've been binging on this series and ordered/downloaded so many new books. I don't know how I'm going to get through them all :/

  2. This is awesome man, I love reading and like to hear about what books you've been getting into. You NEED to read "Fear in Chile : lives under Pinochet", it's a Peoples' History of Augusto Pinochet's rule. It includes interviews with those who were in the political elite before/after, and a Chicago Boy.

    Cheers Akala, hope you check out this comment!

  3. Akala, not sure if you have time to read the comments on here, but if you do, I have to recommend Chimanda Ngozi Adichie, she is a fantastic writer, Half of a Yellow Sun is one of my favourite novels. She writes with an integrity that creates real feeling human beings, not just characters, and she is not afraid to talk about serious issues such as decolonization and factionalism with a nuanced approach.

  4. Really enjoying each and every one of these videos Akala! Saw you for the second time at Product Earth this weekend and was blown away completely! Keep doing your thing brother, you're a true inspiration to many. Peace

  5. Akala can you give your thoughts on the life of Malcolm x and his autobiography? Im currently reading it but I keep stopping and starting smh.

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