Al Rocco – Raised in China 中国成长 (Full Mixtape)

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1. RMB 人民币 Red Money (0:00)
2. Supa Dope 夸张 ft. Forty-2 & Young Jack (3:21)
3. Ganja Wang 干架王 ft. Blow Fever & Koz (Busy Gang) (6:32)
4. Turnt Up Tingz ft. Tactmactic & SonaOne (11:12)
5. Show Me ft. Prince Oli & Dumi (15:26)
6. Time Out ft. Yung Jae & Witty (19:00)
7. Turnt Up ft. Koz, Blow Fever & JBo Escobar (Busy Gang) (22:30)
8. Speeding 超速 ft. Khaki & Ray Rok (27:39)
9. Fresh As Fxxx 强硬 ft. Ba$e (31:05)
10. Going Hard ft. Koz (34:28)
11. 1LVSH 上海 ft. Mr Trouble & Tsunano (37:13)
12. Super Chinaman 中国超人 (39:26)
13. For My City HK 香港 (41:20)
14. Homies 兄弟 ft. Supa Dupa (42:37)
15. All Night 彻夜 ft. SonaOne (44:56)
16. Better Not Know (46:41)
17. Tease ft. JBo Escobar (50:53)
18. My Love Don’t Go ft. Blow Fever & Koz (Busy Gang) (53:54)
19. Touch Ya Body ft. Koz (58:11)
20. Turnt Up Reggae Remix ft. Koz, Blow Fever & TOJO (Busy Gang) (1:01:17)

Bonus Tracks
1. Red Money RMB人民币 Shanghai Remix ft. Koz, Daddy Chang & Tang King (1:06:54)
2. Turnt Up Trap Remix ft. Koz, Blow Fever & Boris Redwall (01:11:23)
3. Red Money RMB人民币 Trap Remix ft. DJ Asuka (01:16:02)

“Since releasing ‘Red Money’ during Chinese New Year, Al Rocco has taken over Shanghai’s hip hop scene. His tribute to renminbi topped Xiami’s national charts and can be heard booming from Adidas stores across the city.” – That’s Shanghai Magazine December 2014

Raised in China 中国成长 mixtape is hosted by Shanghai’s legendary french DJ B-Kut from Hip-Hop Hi Jack and made in Ace-LIfe Studio (Red 8) RIC is packed with 20 brand new hits & 3 surprise bonus tracks all representing Al Rocco’s journey back to his motherland in finding his true roots. Crossed over with Shanghai’s local fashion brand Raised in China 中国成长, Rocco’s new mixtape is strongly influenced by trap, hip-hop and r&b featuring some of the best talents on the come up; Busy Gang; Koz & Blow, SonaOne, Prince Oli, Yung Jae, Witty, Khaki, JBo Escobar, Ray Rok, Ba$e, Mr. Trouble, Tsunano, and more.

RAISED IN CHINA中国成长 有20首新音乐和3首新BONUS歌 代表中国说唱的中英文化。从ACE LIFE STUDIO录音室和HIP-HOP HIJACK的DJ BKUT给你们带来中国最高级的新HIP HOP, R&B和TRAP。这张新转载有很多亚洲和美国的音乐高手 Busy Gang; Koz & Blow, SonaOne, JBo Escobar, Ray Rok, Boris Redwall, Yung Jae. Witty, Khaki, Selective Tsunano, Mr Trouble, Prince Oli, Young Jack等等。


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