Alice Coltrane ft. Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchidananda (1971)

Alice Coltrane ft. Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchidananda

A transcendental fuse of modal experimental Jazz and Eastern spirituality, inspired by the teachings of Swami Satchidananda. Track taken from the album of the same name, recorded at the Coltrane studio, New York, and released on Impulse! (1971) – ft. Cecil McBee (Bass), Majid Shabazz (Bells, Tambourine), Alice Coltrane (Harp, Piano), Pharoah Sanders (Sax, Percussion).



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  1. Brilliant …thanks.. been searching for this after sadly clearing out nearly every cd I had due to need to downsize ..had this on some mp3 recording but couldnt find it …feeling lifted & dreamy positive again 🙂

  2. This makes me want to take off my shoes, fast, pray and raise my hands to the sky. I see traveling through space and see the planets as I pass by. Enjoying the creators creation… escaping to a world outside of doubt and unbelief. Connecting to a God who is true and unchanging. Thank you Alice.

  3. After studying with Hindu Teachers it was inevitable that her music would take shape on a higher level. What she was able to see in her music took on a deeply Spiritual presence over her and everything she would see while playing her instruments. This piece is definitely coming from another plane and I see waves like the ocean as I'm listening to the harp.

  4. Cette musique est absolument somptueuse….richesse du discours mélodique, harmonies à couper le souffle,
    orchestration sans cesse renouvelée dans l’utilisation des timbres de l'orchestre, bref une babylonienne architecture sonore érigée par d’humbles et immenses compositeurs-interprètes

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