Amazing freestyle in the streets by 2 kids from Colombia – Yorday Martínez , Jhonxitho Acevedo

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These kids from Colombia have an amazing flow and freestyle skills!
just watch!


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  1. Google Translate: I have the cowboy style, so we are in all, The chuck and my friend you are Roky Balboa. The weed kills while I improvise, it tells me to leave something there yi.

    Hey my friend, I'll put him in, I'll improvise around here, I'll notice you quoting the bush, leave it here. As I put him, I sing you first (who it's the boss) as Antonio flags.

    Look me over here, a devil's face. The role that I always improvise is that of Pablo, I have the vacan style that I represent that all my brothers are Colombian, they put him in, we are well kilometraoh.

    I have a pretty bastard style, mess with me I put it in the mailbox, you are one of those. Burlón, that's why I have this bully style. As I put him and I pay tribute to my friend of the Reebok what happened to the tattoos.

    Hey my friend put some piew pa instegran. Chuck a lot of money like Pablo Escobar. The Pope who improvises, I can win all of them, we sing the style that is vacant and original.

    Hey my friend those Reebok hesitating I saw them, the rapper arrived, you can ask the vis. Once I put him in and you go to hospital, black, white in English, I do not care. a lot of talent these little guys

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