American REACTS // Polish Music

First time American Reacts to Polish Music! We got a decent amount of musicians and different types of music! Join me as we explore the Polish community!

American REACTS: Swedish Music

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  1. Behemoth is actually best known Polish band around the world, they have played with the best like for example Slayer 😉
    and second song is shitty disco polo

  2. You pronounced the indie guys name which is Dawid correctly on the second try. “W” in polish is pronounced as “V” in English, we have a whole separate letter for the English “W” sound it’s “Ł,ł” it’s rights after L in the alphabet. Also pronouncing his name Dawid you should put the emphasis on the “a” not the ”i” and then you can say it perfectly 😊👍

  3. ‘Disco polo’ is all us poles listen to unfortunately
    Wedding…. disco polo
    Party…. disco polo
    Birthday….. disco polo
    New Years…..disco polo

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