Apathy – Grind Mode Cypher pt. 2 (prod. by Lingo)

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Grind Mode Cypher – Apathy pt. 2
Frankie V | Belmar, NJ | https://facebook.com/FrankieV123
Mo Rukuz | Boston, MA | https://goo.gl/bY37hM
Inswain | Pittsfield, MA | https://facebook.com/InswainOfficial
MySoulTheAuthor | Queens, NY | https://facebook.com/Mysoultheauthor
KG | Norwood, MA | https://instagram.com/Gorilla_Militia
Gambit | Middletown, CT | https://facebook.com/TheyCallMeGambit
Apathy | Connecticut | https://twitter.com/ApathyDGZ

produced by:
Lingo | Pawtucket, RI | https://facebook.com/WiseguyLingo

filmed by:
Wiseguys Films | http://facebook.com/WiseguysFilms
Mass Wired | http://facebook.com/MassWiredPromo

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sponsored by: Brawlers Inc Clothing Co. | https://facebook.com/BrawlersIncClothingCo
Hip Hop Revolution | https://facebook.com/HHRevolution2011
Hip Hop Everything | http://HipHopEverything4Real.com
Still Ill Productions | https://facebook.com/iAmStillill


#Apathy #GrindModeCypher #HipHop


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Comment (45)

  1. Some other rappers I'd like to see on a grind mode cypher: Celph titled, chris webby, merkules, vinnie P, necro, hyde, diabolic, snak the ripper

  2. That grimey throat rap shit is annoying already. These fuckers try way to hard to be "hard". Its annoying when rappers think they have a sick verse and they pause a lot. Like they're waiting for applause or the crowd to make noise.
    Apathy killing it as usual. Its funny that the type of rappers he shit talks in his raps are on stage with him.

  3. 3 guy was fucking horrible !! Sounded like a girl 😂😂where the fuck vinny Paz, celph, esoteric? Apathy to good to be with these clowns!! Gambit was good that’s it

  4. Some of these dudes are levels above the others.

    One word: annunciation.

    Notice how Apathy does this flawlessly. Still has bars, still conceptually the same lyric style. Some of these dudes are struggling to push their words out and it starts running together.
    If I can’t understand it, I can’t rap along with it. If I can’t rap along with it, no replay value. No replay value, no views.

  5. Every single dude on here with the exception of Apathy is whack as fuck.
    Like I mean super whack. Whackest of the whack. It was uncomfortable watching some of these whit kids from the burbs try to be something their not.

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