APPRECIATION – Hip Hop Instrumental Beat Latin Spanish

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  1. waaaah waaaah waaaah a lover wierd nosies in beats or lil intricate layers like pete rocks 90s production..kaykay make em go cray cray…deposit new infomation..internet collect dialect interject new formats ..beastie boy..nope gal interglactic consume the planets energy galactus!!

  2. Kaykay is much better than many people realize, that admires her! better than many who think they are better! She is a real musician! Righteous Jamaicans are superior spiritually to many who think they are automatically better than me! Jamaican invented Hip Hop! I know what you are not aware of!

  3. This beat could have made me like TLOP. I could see Kanye rapping a "we major" type verse to this. Love the brass in this production, it really fills the room with energy, I think it'd also be nice if someone choreographed a dance to it. Nice work Kay, you rock!

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