Arab Hip Hop Song

feat. Qusai, Flipp, Ayzee, Vico, Murder Eyez, Balti, Rush, Talal & Timz


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Comment (27)

  1. Mano…
    A mina botou altas tretas sinistras de separatismo…
    Acho loke demais achar que a musica como sub-produto de uma cultura estrangeira possa causar tanta desavença…
    Povo maluco… mas tenho mais respeito pelos manos..
    Mó sangue nus oio…

  2. كلكم عيال طقاقات
    واللي قاهرني الخوال
    الخال البحريني والخال السعودي اش دخلهم بالعرب

  3. This is more than a song, its a message!! We need to stop our corrupt governments from using all our kids in this stupid war!! Tolerance is something we need to embrace! Peace to use all!!

  4. العرب لم و لن يتحدو إلى تحت راية الإسلام,
    الإسلام هو من جمعنا سابقاً و هو من سوف يجمعنا مرة أخرى مع باقي إخواننا المسلمين

  5. اشكركم جزيل الشكر لتحقيقكم حلمي (لان احد احلامي ان اسمع اغنية راب لكل مغني الراب العرب)… شكرا
    ابراهيم من تونس

  6. half English/ half Arabic from different Middle Eastern countries. I think they are talking about peace in the Middle East. Showing different facets with the Arabs, the churches and mosques, the city with the Arabic writing from the freeway.

  7. Funny, deepu justin is Hindi and makes fun of Arabs. Question deepu justin, isn't your mom or sister working in one the Arabian houses now, they put up too for extra cash. loool Never talk about your masters like that you greasy hindy.

  8. lool .. look who is talking !! Sewers suckers .. and the shitty cows worshipers .. hahahahahahahahaha did you know your father working here in arab sand to get fuck

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