Are UK Hip Hop Fans Sheep?

Jump Off TV’s debaters like to come together every week and discuss current topics and talking points that affect urban youth culture.

This week we posed the question whether UK Hip Hop fans are a bunch of sheep. Are they the trendsetters or are they the followers?


Are UK Hip-Hop Fans a Bunch Of Sheep?
If so, who/what is the shepard?
Are we trendsetters, or are we followers?

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  1. lol what a pile of shit.  I don't care the fact I was unpopular in school or with other people because I love UK artists such as Jehst and Melanin 9 , Cosha Don, all of them man. I stuck to wearing baggy jeans and yeah you could say I copied the trend of the US hip hop but that's part of the culture and I make my own opinions on every song I listen to. whether its in the charts or not. I like it because I like it . end of. lol

  2. fed up of people chatting shit about ukhh and its listeners who dont know anything about ukhh. these people are talking from straight up ignorance about the scene.

  3. america influences the world in most things. if you go around the world you will see stars and stripes. the kids love all that american shit culture

  4. TBH..

    We are sheep.

    Once upon a time we had our own shit (grime), but the trendy music press who sucked Americas dick didn't want to support it as it wasn't "cool" enough for them like hip-hop was, and too many sheepish dickheads got involved & brang in their cringey yank-begging mentality with all the gang shit, postcode beef, sets & what not. the police then effectively banned grime raves because of all the violence that happened around these raves.

    Now, grime is dead. And we (and you) killed it.

  5. every country copied or copies the US cuz hip hop is from there, you go over there, you see ppl really live the music, the cultrue, its really in their blood. banging out the cars, everybody wearing baggies, style everywhere…the market is bigger too. US is big , its got 6 times more ppl than UK, so 6 times more listeners at least…plus they invented the culture from scratch,,,so its not even comparable. Saying that, the main principle in hip hop is be yourself, be original, but always respecting the history, knowing that your style comes from the pioneers, and being yourself in that hip hop format. If you wanna make sthg dope than you learn from the best, so you're a student. A student is a sheep in a sense, but after a while the student becomes the master, and then you're out the sheep syndrome.

  6. Can I make a suggestion you guys have done bare debates on like mainstream rappers like DRAKE,.KENDRICK LAMAR and UK rappers and grime artists like WRETCH 32, SKEPTA,KREPT&KO,CHIP, but I think you should do a debate on more underground rappers that are blowing up but not on that scale cah they have hot bars that are way better than all these breddas like NINES, SKRAPS, FATZ,TRAPSTAR TOXIC them niggas there.

  7. I'm UK and I aint a sheep.. they are saying a sheep is basically being fake because we listen to force fed original hip hop and choose to follow it? well with me.. i stand my ground, i admit to everything i like and hate, fuck what anyone else says.. alright, my favourite artist is Twisted Insane, bet no one on this video knows him.. I grew up with all american rap/hip hop music.. obviously when i was really young, i was listening to Wu Tang and Eminem because being a kid, thats all i could get my hands on, thats what was on tv and radio.. but now i know what im looking for and searching for, im now in a world where i never hear any top chart stuff, makes me feel weird to be honest, everyone talking about the main song of the now and i never heard any of it, i dont watch tv or have a radio.. everything i am is my own input

  8. what the white guy said about jordan was true, why the fuck are you wearing basketball trainers when you dont play basketball? why the fuck are you wearing snapbacks of sports teams you don't follow?

  9. Grime > UK hip hop and rap.

    Grime was a sound that originated here in the UK and went well with the british accent. Nowadays you've got MAINSTREAM UK artists mimicing mainstream american artists and saying n*gga in like EVERY fucking bar.

    The UK are slowing copying the USA in everything from graduations going from yr9-yr10, Proms after secondary school, slowly privatising the NHS to… Jordans and USA slang (finna, ratchet, ham)

  10. i agree with him on the jayz and drake shit.
    their fans dont appreciate how talented they are, but the real fans hate on them because of how commercial they have become.
    any true hip hop fan knows jays top 10
    as for drake…. when he gets rapping and spits bars… hes fire man but i dont like his singing and melodies. and it aint like i only like hip hop
    coz eminem has melodies and singing and many other rappers that i like

  11. Are you logically impaired? Americans calling others sheep? Who are the biggest propaganda eating, commercially consuming, brand whores in the world, who will eat up any shit their government/(insert corporation name here) feeds them ? Go tell eminems millions of sheepish fans to go listen to something else, apart from drake and kanye, or any of those other generic fuckers that the industry pisses out for you all to consume next. The most successful and commercially viable artists are american, which suggests the american industry is good at producing generic, same as the last guy shit which is immediately sucked up by idiots anywhere, likewise as it is here. And who the fuck are these people you've asked? there all from London and can't even make a fucking sentence, one of the clueless pricks contradicts himself. Mim shakes is of the fucking cadbury creme eggs advert, these guys are all fucking idiots and i ask any americans reading this not to accept it as anything other then biased, pointless and gash. And to finish, copy what exactly? Uk hip hop is distinctively unique, anybody who has a clue of the scene and extended knowledge of their own hip hop scene would be able to differentiate.    

  12. Yooooooooo look at what yall are wearing. Listen to some of the words yall are using. Ya whole style and swag is America just be real about it yo. I respect Snips because he keepin it all the way 100 yo. It's sheeps everywhere people but just admit that shit.

  13. Snips needs to get off his high horse he seems to think his the only one that deserves to listen to hip hop music in thr UK

  14. Everyone can't be an innovator and often artist that start a new trend get overlooked. Years ahead of their time and people won't catch on until it's mainstream. I don't think fans know that the underground exist , so they don't realize the work we put in. No one digs crates anymore

  15. Your girl who said Drake is whack is dumb. You can say you don't like him but if you knob about music you'll understand he's a great artist

  16. Snips just thinks everyone in uk hiphop is a sheep except him. The Jordan comment is irrelevant, if I have been raised watching and playing basketball, wearing jordans when people only cared about bathing apes and air force ones does that make me a sheep? Yes to an extent people wear Jordans as the new craze but u can't generalise everyone, especially people like me who know the history and watched the games. And I would say ASAP has definitely been influenced by european fashion, so have a lot of other rappers, are they sheep too? Theres grey areas to a lot of this, snips stop generalising everyone!!!

  17. If UK didnt wait to be told what was hot, then Grime Mcs would have covered "New Slaves" and "Everyone Nose (Remix)" because thats our sound.

  18. Bringing Jordan's to the debate is stupid cuh it is fashion and if you wear Jordan's ur not trying to being American, your trying to follow the craz! Air ones have been about for time so if you wear them your trying to be American??? so what if u where Gucci your trying to be Italian or LV your trying to be french?… Furthermore it's off topic.

  19. Respect the debate but its very silly because humans are natrually sheep minded but theres always a few shepards within us but people need seriously stop looking down on sheep theres nothing wrong with being a sheep. The bad sheep are the ones like Snips said who dye their hair pink cos of Nicki but at the same time its their lives innit maybe their insecure and need someone to guide them SOO silly debate lol we are all sheep 

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