Asian Gangster Crips AGC NorthSide Family – MEAN MUG



This is not my video. Taken from Jesse Llenas channel.

Tiny Raskals Gang TRG, AGC, VBZ, ABZ, EBK, LCV Crips


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Comment (35)

  1. Any y'all see Chen Chea aka Lil Rumpy of the 901 AGC in Georgia tell em Big Brian said Much Luv! We was locked up together at Broken Shackle Ranch a wilderness bootcamp type of shithole lol Id like to know how he's doing

  2. Headbuster call me the headhunter
    Emotionless most deadly Cambodian I bet with tibet
    Summer of Suzuki
    Split of into 3
    Mac 11 and Uzi
    Full metal jacket
    Fully automatic
    Pack a hollow tip
    Russian autonomous
    Don't follow this.
    Merciless Ming
    Am Beijing

  3. Am headbuster call the headhunter …. warlord ak74. Dark side all wise guy
    Summer of Suzuki
    Split into 3
    Mac 11 Uzi catch me eating sushi San Jose …
    And the Bay . .
    18k …4 Merciful Merciless Ming AR-15 laser beam…
    Art of war ….katana mai sword… I pack a hollowtip Russian autonomous…don't follow this… Fully metal jack fully automatic… Call me the headbuster am headhunter…let go let go tae Kwon do in a dojo little Tokyo… Karate blackbelt degree …Thai boxing met as three TBZ Tokyo Boyz GAng
    We dope deal we bang..

  4. What the fuck did I just see. Ain't nobody going to scared of these little ass asian trying to be crips. I was the hight in elementary.

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