Attwenger – Huad (HD)

(formed 1990) is a musical duo from Linz, Austria. The group is made up of drummer Markus Binder and button accordion player Hans-Peter Falkner; both members also sing.

Attwenger’s music is an unusual combination of Upper Austrian folk music and hip-hop, with lyrics sung (and rapped) in Upper Austrian dialect. Falkner often plays his accordion through effects pedals to give his instrument a distorted timbre similar to that of an electric guitar. Binder sometimes uses drum machines.

The duo has toured Europe, Zimbabwe, Siberia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The lyrics contain several word plays, most of them are impossible or hard to translate or explain to Non-Austrians (some even to Non-Upper Austrians) Some of the word plays are English related, especially in the album titles:

“song” is, aside from its English meaning the Austrian dialect word for to say.

An example for a word play that can be translated into English, also characterizing the general message transmitted by Attwenger, can be found on dog: “A jeder mensch zöd, a jeder mensch zöd sei göd” – “Every man counts, every man counts his money”.
Pictures by me. (Portugal, Algarve)


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