Avelino – Cassius Clay (Official Video) ft. Dave

Avelino X Dave – Cassius Clay (Official Video)

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Director: Charlie Sarsfield

Made this happen I was the cause
Hand me the baton, hand me the torch
Running the game like it’s a sport
But all I got in this world is my word and my balls
Said Scarface, Goodfellas learn the hard way
Never had a godfather or my padre, so I went and got some Margiela’s for my madre
Coz it been graveyard shifts, since I put dad is his grave
Made it outta the maze I’m in amazement
No haram, I go ham when I pray
Coz there no real helping hand, when handling pain
if god made man in his image, imma create, imma be great
Mi casa Su cassa , Cassius Clay
Rumble in the jungle, I’m from the land of brave,
Souls in the sea, I rolled in the deep, now we’re the wave
Yo, Dave man I still remember conversations
About awards and their invalid validations
I got the world in my hands, that’s world domination
Man are not pop, were just popping to the population
And I’ve got dream and ambitions, People that listen
Love the fans cause all I had was fiends and kitchen
I’m in Dior guess I’m preaching in Christian
My pockets deep but my jeans full of riches
Descents of a king, I gotta people who depend on me; dependants of a king
My teacher mentioned credit never said it was a thing
Why you think the morgate lender isn’t lending her a thing
From a real estate, to real estate
Made sure I ate with my niggas before the dinner dates
I had soo much on my plate
Now im eating like a king had to work like a slave
Imagine If we never imagined this, imagine if our imaginations couldn’t fathom it
Imagine if the butterfly effect was a caterpillar, in the garden of eden by the tree where the apple is
I’m way to talented to still be in the sticks where’s their javelins
I’m Olympic, on Mount Olympus its peak
At the top its only us, I’m with my G’s
But I ain’t gotta be high, there’s higher powers in me
It’s AV
I feel asleep and spoke to MJ
And he told me to heal the world, make it a better place
Nuff red jackets in my endz, it’s the end days
Why you think I’m rolling with trend setters, that set pace
Grew up in a race with the racist
A place where they wanna replace us
I’m patient but then I’m impatient
God grace has been ever been so gracious
Something to savour I’m the saviour
Cause I’m in the matrix , An alien cause I’m in a spaceship
I saw my niggas on slave ships
I remember telling whitney your my queen
I was selling bobby, new edition on my street
Feds were taking pictures, taking pictures of my team
But I saw the bigger picture, the depiction of my dream
It was nightmares when we lost Moe and Leng
Had a niggas feeling outta place at his home address,
I’m the 1st nigga with insomnia who over slept
I paid 70k in taxes, it don’t match what I owe to them man its crazy

Happy Halloween
Me and the team branched out from selling leaves
If my life was a film
The title of it’s release would have to be just shweve , Its one incredible scene
I aint had a break since the pedal bike in my teens
So I wouldn’t lose sleep if you couldn’t sell me a dream
I’m tired of these guys it’s all lies that there feeding
The seed of deceit grew the tree in the treason
No reason for the way that your living, make a decision
I hate mediocrity, last dream I had I saw Socrates
He told me he believes in my philosophy, I just do number I aint waiting on the lottery
Best on the scene the only thing that follows when your mentioning me
Man Invest in a girl. Interested
But she aint invested if she doesn’t say invest in your dreams
You invest for your queen, I invest for the queen
There’s a big fucking difference, When I was 18 I was 6 figure nigga
Trigga happy, imma killa for dinners
We ate livers and cornbeef
I worked in silence, my touch Midas
Colourism real but don’t let them divide us
Were all blacks tryna run our own race, in our way, feeling pressure from our race
I know a dark skin girl getting low pay, picking between discrimination and low wage
I know lighty with white fam and black friends, Feeling outta place both sides showing hate
Struggle to understand, when your struggling to relate
In a black woman eyes see pride, see pain, see joy ,
See days of hardship,
you wanna be black, but you don’t know what dark is ,
you want our blood but you don’t know what heart is
How could he draw me if he don’t know what art, I’m Picasso.
Diss me and man know man, Its kidnap
Nuttin but red paint when the van goes
I don’t make pop art also and these kicks that I wore hold up
I had a tuff upbringing and hard days I saw those
Weight on my…


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  1. 3:564:05 :
    Dave mentions three painters
    1. Picasso, "how could he draw me out if he don't know what art is, I'm Picasso"
    2. Van Gogh, "nothing but red paint when the van goes"
    3. Andy Warhol (painter of pop art), " I don't make pop art also and these kicks that I wore hold up"

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