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Comment (40)

  1. I remember when I was a kid listening to "Dil dhadke" on our new bulky TV. Less did I know that I'd fall in love with his rap again which has no objectification of women just to catch attention. Baba is moving in an organic way to attract young teens. Keep it up baba, love to see you in a class video soon.

  2. Baba Plz use serious words and a little bit more attitude,,, this is a gr8 song with some dope ass beasts.. you know you can shoot videos on iphones .. why the green screen…

  3. Logo ko badsha and yo yo honey sing logo ko sunana chahte hain kyo ki ladkia , darroo and money wali gande sex and stuff pe gane bante hai ,because usme baby,sexy sab hota hai rhym ke naam pe chutiyapa felate hain no social cause no stands just party songs but we should be ashamed by what we are doing ,baba sehgal has kidish songs with wierd rhymes but they are cheerfull, causefull ,enjoyable at all ages and last he is the rap pioneer dumb asses get ur stuff straight listen to real stuff and dont whack looking at honey sing songs

  4. These underground artists should be given change to show there talent in bollywood . Why not bollywood give them a chance . I think baba seigal raps are upto the mark he should be given chance

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