BBC Radio 1Xtra presents: I am Birmingham

Throughout November BBC Radio 1Xtra were on the ground in Birmingham with 1Xtra Live: The Sessions. Events including MC Workshops, Spoken Word & Songwriter nights and Dance Workshops, we met some inspirational local talent during our residency in the city and here’s some of their stories.

A bit more about them…

Affiejam is a Songwriter / musician from Birmingham. She is currently studying Psychology at University as well as setting a side goal of recording her material. Her music is influenced by her faith and mellow music tastes and she writes because that’s how she was taught to express her emotions whilst growing up.

A grime MC turned spoken poet, Deci4Life uses his words to challenge young people’s identities and perceptions of how they are valued today. He producers, writes and works with a lot of children in the local community through workshops and also works in schools. He also produces for a range of up and coming artists within the Birmingham scene. He has recently started to perform again after taking a bit of time out to focus on the production side of things.

Troy started dancing from a young age with a dance troupe called WRG. He progressed within the dance scene in Birmingham and is now teaching as well as creating a dance group with his friend Leroy called ‘Clique’. His main motivation is to put Birmingham back on the map with his dancing and he does this through differentiation. He studies different techniques such as Whacking and Voguing as well as Pole Dancing to help with fitness and build his core. His motto is to always do things differently.


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  1. Beautiful music, but why sing in a faux-american accent? Why not sing in your Birmingham accent and celebrate all of our lovely vowel pronunciations and wide-mouthed slang-ridden nuances? Just break the normal mould and smash the Birmingham scene like it should be smashed. We're waiting on the forefront of a suburban scene, and it will only happen when people take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and go in hard brummy.

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