Beasley Interview | Talks New URLtv App

Beasley of URL joins 3Letterman on the PSA Podcast to talk about the new URLtv App.

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  1. Wow beasley really played himself with the whole if you can’t afford it don’t by it shit…i think this nigga gay and corny as fuck fuck the url support rbe

  2. He said something about the app being able to connect to Google chromecast has anyone heard if it'll be on the chromecast or the chromecast ultra I need to know before I buy one

  3. Fuck Smack and that whack ass culture vulture ass app! Making niggas pay for battle rap, like a fucking scavenger! Lol…If 1000 niggas buy the app for $8 a month, that's $8000 a month! And niggas still ain't gone give a fuck. Lmaooo…Niggas gone be choking and all type of shit. Wait until the sponsors and donors and shit get involved. Ahahahahah…Niggas be wearing dresses to keep that shit afloat!

  4. Fuze from Inkster Michigan,
    R.I.P 2 my Cuz L.C, back in the day i would buy all of the hood dvds from him. Mainly smack dvds, I was/been a Dipset nigga so and i grow up listening to a Lot of new york rap. Smack dvds was like gold, back then i would buy a quarter or regs 😂 and watch those dvds. When i started to write rhymes, i would use those main menu instrumentals to rap over. I saw a lot of artists for the 1st time watching tho dvds. Good 2 see how far Smack and da crew as come. Salute

  5. Thanks Beasley! I was on the fence about paying a monthly subscription but when you said people who can't afford it needs to get another job and stop watching battles that spoke volumes. I can afford it but I won't be supporting it.

  6. I’m supporting the brothers. I’ve been following them since the dvd days…. 3 letterman please stop cutting your guest off. It’s not only rude and unprofessional, but it robs your viewers of hearing the guest complete their thoughts. Other than that I love the show.

  7. i make 5 grand a month. paying 8 dollars a month would be 0.016 percent of my monthly earnings. man fuck no i aint giving away even the slightest percentage of my earnings im keeping that 8 dollars and buying a subway fuck is u niggas talkin bout. bootlegs be on deck. i dont even tip at restaurants lmao.

  8. Peep Arsonal in the FGE cypher pt 9.. nigga spaZes! I hope he signed with Montana..that would be dope as shit 🔥🔥 they all murder that shit. Def my fav rap clique, them niggas too nice

  9. KOTD started the face offs first like 3-4 years ago.. I ain’t seen a recent kotd faceoff so I can’t call it if they copied URL with the format cause I remember the kotd jawns being on stage with all the rappers that went up to the podium and answered questions from the audience..I seen diz and Danny faceoff and that shit was dope..URL be across from each other at a table talkin shit to each other. Not all up in each other faces talkin that shit like Diz and Danny. I fucks with that style more . That’s bad for the paragraph lol

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